Guaranteed Purchase


We guarantee you will be happy with your purchase or we will sell it for free

This entitles you to a flexible commission sale on the listing  side, provided we help you purchase your next home.
As a purchaser this can give you peace of mind when buying, because you know we want you to be happy, with your first home or your last.*

We will personally make $0 on the sale of your home.

Buyers Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  1. This Agreement is limited to the parties noted above specifically and there is no liability or responsibility on the part of the Company, Re/Max Chay Realty Inc.
  2. The property being sold must have been purchased within 1 year of the date of this agreement by all parties to the original agreement and under these terms:
    1. Property owners must be unhappy with either the home itself, (condition or otherwise) any next door neighbor or the area in general.
    2. Property owners must agree to and complete the purchase of the next home with Nicole Rosebrugh, Sales Representative wherein there is a minimum commission of 2.5% payable to the Co-operating Broker and within the trading area as outlined by a Buyer Agency Agreement.
    3. Property owners must agree to sign a listing agreement with Nicole Rosebrugh, Sales Representative and Re/Max Chay Realty Inc. for a minimum of 90 days and at a commission rate of 5%.  2.5% of which will be paid out to the selling agent. Nicole Rosebrugh will make zero ($0) dollars.
    4. Upon successful completion of the sale of the property noted in this agreement the commission owing to the selling broker will be as per the terms and conditions of this Listing Agreement and the Listing Brokers commission will be as follows:

Your Home Connection Team will make $0 off the sale of the home unless we finds the purchaser which will still generate a 2.5% commission rate.


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